We’re heading to a Low Carbon Future. No Administration Can Save Coal.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Above, Dan Kammen at about 1:00 minute in.  US companies are at a disadvantage without a price on carbon.

China is applying a price to carbon this year. It’s not because they love Polar bears.

Utility Dive:

While the Trump Administration is taking a number of steps to bolster coal-fired generation and rescind climate regulations, electric utilities should prepare for a very low-carbon future, former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz told Utility Dive at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas last week.

Despite the White House’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, “there is no going back on the fight against climate and the innovation prize is enormous,” Moniz said. “We are talking about multi-trillion-dollar markets. The real issue is that the U.S. needs to capture a big part of that market to keep its innovation edge.”

As part of the shift to low carbon energy, the world has added a…

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