October 24 Energy News



¶ “The importance of grid resilience during severe storm conditions” • With increasingly powerful storms, the Dominican Republic set a surprising example during September’s storms. It used battery-based energy storage to keep its grid operating, despite damage to power lines and 40% of its generating assets being forced offline. [pv magazine USA]

Flooding in Houston after Hurricane Harvey (Public domain
photo: Staff Sgt Daniel J Martinez, US Air National Guard)

¶ “What’s Resilience? DOE Should Say Before Spending Your Money” • The US DOE proposed that consumers further subsidize certain power plants that can store fuel onsite, because it will somehow provide the electric grid with “resilience.” But it never explained what resilience is or how it relates to piles of coal. [Natural Resources Defense Council]

¶ “Small nuclear reactors are a 1950s mirage come back to haunt us” • The UK’s government is due…

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