Every Word Has an Effect

Life goes by the Speed of Light. This is another way to say that as well: “This moment is all you’ve got.”

Life is a flashing light. Flash, observed, gone. Flash, observed, gone. A shot in the dark and then another.

And, yet, in Infinity, you are insoluble in floating waters. You are immersed in the waters, yet you are not submerged. You skitter on the surface of Life even as you are deep within Me. You live in a Deep Tank at the same fictitious time you are the Essence of Me, more than the Essence, the Sole Factor of Me seeming to have conniptions in Life as Life jumps around and doesn’t give an accounting of itself. You are let off as free as a scouting plane that flies loop-the-loop and never lands in the make-believe world. You really exist out of this world. You never really landed in it. You assumed Life as you have assumed it to be.

Your Life was always a ghost story. Nothing existed. You had a dream. You have been living in two dreams. You watched two screens in which you sink and swim and dive in and out of a Life imagined. Whatever your Life is, it is more. It is greater.

You are greater, even as you are everything and nothing at all.

As One, We signify everything all at once.

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