October 29 Energy News



¶ “Rise of renewables a growing challenge to natural gas” • Even though natural gas demand is forecast to continue its ascendancy over the next 20 to 30 years, supported by low cost and the drive for cleaner fuels, new evidence shows that it faces challenges from fast growth of renewables and stubbornly remaining coal, particularly in Asia. [Cyprus Mail]

Growing renewable generation

¶ “How Fossil Fuel Allies Are Tearing Apart Ohio’s Embrace of Clean Energy” • As fossil fuel interests mobilized at the national level to fight proposals to mitigate climate change that threaten their profits, they made Ohio a priority for fighting clean energy policy at the state level. Now, they are getting laws passed that benefit only themselves. [InsideClimate News]

¶ “Communities in Illinois can take lead against climate change” Chicago, Elgin, Evanston, Highland Park, and other Illinois municipalities have pledged to…

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