Just for You – and Everyone

You cannot know ahead of time what flowers will grow. My flowers will always grow before your very eyes. Beloveds, I have no need to think ahead. I am aware that I live in Infinity which is Vastness Itself.

Infinity, although not a place but rather a non-place, is where, for the sake of language, I simply am in a permanent state of exchange of Sound, Word, Vibration, Wavelength, and Love with you and where no limits exist. Put away your predictions. Our Oneness exists in this non-place, Infinity. This is where Our Oneness exists. Our Oneness always exists. It is not something complicated. It is so simple you may not catch on to it. There are no limits. Not being tuned in can only be a temporary lapse.

You tune into Me. You pick Me up. We can say you ring the bell. You listen in. You hear faintly.

Look, all My Heart thoughts are available to you. There is no question of this. All My thinking is reachable. Which expressions of Mine, however, go down the chute, you have no clue until the exact moment My Words tumble down, or when you rise to Me and My Words.

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