Are the Innocent to Feel Guilty?

In Life, are the innocent to feel guilty? Is Oedipus guilty? Greek mythology, Freud and the external world seem to say Yes, Oedipus is guilty.

Freud reintroduced the idea of human Beings following their subconscious, therefore, bearing guilt regardless. So, yes, the world seems to say a resounding Yes. Shrug your shoulders and move on.

To finish the story, years later, when Oedipus’ wife and mother finds out that she has not only married her own son, she has also married her husband’s murderer, she hangs herself.

And Oedipus blinds himself.

Do you really think that such high prices must be paid on behalf of the low concept of guilt? I say no. All a Human Being can be guilty of is being a Human Being alive in the world where and when all manner of things can and do happen even to the Innocent.

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