Multiple Witnesses Confirm: The Pee Pee Tapes Are Real

Award-winning British journalist Paul Wood reports for The Spectator that not only do multiple witnesses confirm the pee pee tape, but there are more extreme recordings of Donald Trump than just a couple of Russian girls urinating:

I heard of Russian kompromat — compromising material — on Trump from two sources months before the Steele dossier came to light.

There are, though, reports of witnesses in the hotel who corroborate Steele’s reporting. These include an American who’s said to have seen a row with the hotel security over whether the hookers would be allowed up to Trump’s suite. The dossier’s account of hookers in a Moscow hotel room was the subject of gossip among politicians and intelligence people for months before it was published.

“Now claims are circulating of more tapes showing more extreme behavior. Expect these allegations to emerge in due course,” Wood says cryptically.

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