November 7 Energy News



¶ “Embattled Navajo coal plant is a preview of what’s ahead as coal declines across the US.” • It looks like it doesn’t belong there. The lonely, aging power plant stands out against the red desert, connected to the nearest town by a single, crumbling road. If it closes as scheduled, it will soon become an artifact, a relic from when coal was king. [ThinkProgress]

Navajo Generating Station (Credit: Wolfgang Moroder)


¶ The largest retailer in Canada that specializes in food and pharmaceuticals unveiled a 53 foot, fully electric class 8 BYD truck that is the first in a transition of its company-owned fleet to electric vehicles. The new semi truck is the first of many, as Loblaw announced a commitment to move its entire trucking fleet to electric vehicles. [CleanTechnica]

¶ Petroleum Development Oman and GlassPoint Solar have announced completion of the first…

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