New evidence of leukemia caused by radiation at “low doses”

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

In this Podcast interview with Lonnie Clark, Prof Chris Busby starts off by discussing a new paper that he has been working on.
The Paper centres around 2 studies that looked at the correlation between nuclear fallout/releases and high voltage power lines causing leukemia to children living close to the power lines.
The mechanism for this is outlined in the interview linked  (60 mins but Prof Busby discusses this extensively at the start of the show). The paper has been approved through peer review process and should be published in the coming week. The findings show that the nuclear fallout from atmospheric weapons testing was attracted to the power lines causing an increase in the dose to infants and babies. This mechanism would also hold true for children living near nuclear power stations (especially those near the high voltage power lines coming from the plants).
Prof Busby has been working on…

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