The Greater Joy You Are

You believe all the credit goes to Me, God, and, in a way, you are right, for I AM the God within you all along. You contain all that I AM forever and forever. You haven’t quite dared to gulp this thought down.

Awakened, you know a richer Joy now as you say: “Thank God. Thank God in the Highest.”

There is an extra Joy when We say: “All Glory to God.”

When you say: “My God.”

When you say: “God bless. God gave Himself to me. God gave All of Himself to me. God is. I am God blessing Myself. I am God’s Blessing. I am God’s Will.

“I am Eternal. Then, dear God, I can say I know You well. I have always known God well. I can say that I am God. This is not arrogance. I am God in the Highest, and I am God in the Humblest. I am God, the One. I inherited Myself. God is Rising.

“Now, God, You say now to me: ‘The Sun shines, and the Sun shines on Itself. There is Light Alone.’

“Now, God, You ask me to say to You:

“’I, too, am the Light of God. I created Myself for the Sake of Everlasting Oneness. I created Myself so that I can meet Myself and know Myself and recognize Myself in all My Shining Splendor. What is there to know in all the world but Myself Who Art Thou?’”

via The Greater Joy You Are | Heavenletters