Would-be Senator Roy Moore: Pedophile, Climate Denier

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

mooregun GOP Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore, reportedly abused underage girls in the past.
Perhaps from insecurity about the size of his gun?

And you’re surprised because….?

Washington Post reported today that the ultraconservative white nationalist “Christian” candidate abused young girls in the past.  GOP of course, morally outraged.
An even greater crime is that being perpetrated by Republican climate deniers on all young people, of both sexes, and all future generations of human beings, as well as those creatures we share this precious planetary garden with.


Roy Moore, Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, has drawn media attention for his extreme and dangerous views on homosexuality, birtherism, and the role of Christianity in government (even though much of the coverage has been inadequate and misleadingly framed). But one of his extreme positions has received almost no major media attention at all: his absolute denial of climate science.


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