November 11 Energy News



¶ “We Already Know Which Grid Fixes Can Keep Lights On During Bad Storms. Here Are 3.” • Restoring electricity after the fires in California or Hurricane Irma in Florida took about 10 days. And 70% of Puerto Ricans still lack power six weeks after Hurricane Maria. But there are solutions available on the market today. [Breaking Energy]

Wreckage after a hurricane

Joseph Mangum, of Sunnyside Solar, is helping people in Puerto Rico. How can you help the people of Puerto Rico? One way is to donate at [Sunnyside Solar’s crowdfunding website].

Science and Technology:

¶ Researchers at Sandia National Labs have figured out how to downsize concentrating solar power facilities so that they are economically viable without taking up as much space as more traditional solar panel arrays. The objective of the research was to create small-scale CSP facilities of 1 MW or less to…

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