Riding on the Wide Waves of the Ocean

You are here, and not here. You are here while you are simultaneously elsewhere. Your mind is often somewhere else, and you may not recollect where your mind has been.

Between every thought of yours, there is a gap. This is where you have been – in the gap – yet you also have no idea where or what this gap is anymore than you really know where or what you are when you are seemingly midstream.

Confess, you don’t know much with certainty. You don’t begin to know yourself or know what’s going on with you or with anyone else either. At best, there is some kind of illusion you perpetrate upon yourself.

Somehow someone wound you up and let you loose, yet, when all is said and done you may feel disconnected to everything as the true state of affairs.

Beloveds, there is no said and done. There is you on a secular island, so it seems, as you pace back and forth, wearing out the carpet.

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