Kundalini & Spiritual Emergency: What Doctors, Psychologists, and YOU Need to Know

Physical Manifestations

Feeling rushes of energy, like electricity, fire or warm liquid flooding the body, especially in the area of the spine or the core of the torso (usually moving up the body in some way, but it can also move down it or back-and-forth).
Dramatic rushes of pleasurable (or painful) warm (or hot or cold) sensations that feel like a thick liquid (or energy or fire) flowing in the body that may sometimes cause sweating or shivering.
The sensation of a snake (or snakes) going up the spine, the body, or out of the top of the head.
Sensations that can start in the feet and legs, or pelvis, and move up the spine (in a straight or wavy pattern like a caduceus), up to the top of the head, over and down the forehead to the nose and face, down to the throat, and terminating in the abdomen (it may stop anywhere along the way or skip around).
The sensation of ants crawling or air bubbles traveling up the spine or elsewhere in the body.
The dramatic sensation of subtle energy centers (chakras) or channels (nadis—like energetic blood vessels) opening up—it may feel ecstatic or cause a light or heavy burning sensation.
Pulsating pressure, pain or blissfulness in the sacrum.
Involuntary body movements (kriyas).
Feelings of tingling, itching, burning or tickling on the skin or in the body.
Visions of lights, symbolic images, flames, spiritual guides.

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