“People Have Become A Sort of Radioactive Waste”: “Mayak Is Everywhere”

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Mayak is everywhere. Rosatom may be polluting a Mayak near you: by reprocessing spent nuclear fuel from your nearby nuclear power station, by building a nuclear power station that will later send its spent fuel to Russia for reprocessing, or by loading your neighbouring nuclear plant with reprocessed uranium fuel from Mayak.
 Rosatom’s operation in Mayak illustrates that the nuclear industry is not interested in people. After all, 60 years since the disaster the people around Mayak are “a sort of radioactive waste”. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/Blogs/nuclear-reaction/Mayak-anniversary-radioactive-waste-rosatom/blog/60344 Not just in Russia, but Russia’s loves to broadcast the problems in the US and elsewhere, whereas Greenpeace and Bellona are among the few who raise the alarm about Russia. Rosatom is owned by the Russian government and answers to President Putin.

From Greenpeace: ““…People have become a sort of radioactive waste.”
Blogpost by Jan Haverkamp – 29 September, 2017 at 14:30

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