Alabama Was on Verge of Electing an Abomination to Senate Before Roy Moore Molestation Revelations

Alabama Was on Verge of Electing an Abomination to Senate Before Roy Moore Molestation Revelations

On the heels of reports that GOP Senate nominee in the state of Alabama, former Judge Roy Moore, had forced sexual relations with multiple underage girls as young as 14 years old when he was in his 30s, Republican lawmakers are suddenly ready to jump ship. Senate Majority Leaders Mitch McConnell has called on Moore “to step aside” and the Republican National Committee has pulled its funding entirely. While the extent of the accusations coming against Moore are startling, the truth is that the former Judge should have been deemed unfit to hold any public office long before his candidacy was ever announced. Throughout his career, Moore has demonstrated through his actions and positions as a public figure a dedication to the preservation of white supremacy and an unreconstructed vision of a Jim Crow South in which bigotry reigns supreme.

roy moore
GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore (Alabama)

Roy Moore first impacted the national consciousness in 2003 when he was forced from the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to respect the separation of church and state clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution through his refusing to remove of a statue of the Ten Commandments from an Alabama Courthouse. He followed this up more than a decade later after he was reelected to the same position by being suspended for refusing to enforce the United States Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling, the one which held that all state bans on same-sex marriages were unconstitutional. The suspension eventually convinced him to resign. These two instances were neither the first nor the last instances in which Roy Moore demonstrated his inability to respect laws that aren’t to his liking, despite it being his job to enforce such laws whether he agrees with them or not. Throughout his career he’s shown a disregard for the very Constitution he was sworn to protect and enforce, such as when he openly called for Muslims to be barred from serving in the U.S. Congress despite the complete unconstitutionality of such a ban. Equally astounding is his insistence that NFL players who don’t stand and put their hand on their hearts during the playing of the National Anthem are in fact in violation of federal law. He said in an interview with TIME magazine, “It’s against the law, you know that? It was an act of Congress that every man stand and put their hand over their heart. That’s the law.” It’s hard to tell what’s more disturbing in this statement, the fact that it was made by a former Judge whose job it was to determine the law, or the fact that he wants to live in a society where people are made to stand for an Anthem whose message they don’t believe in or else be held in contempt of the law. “If we don’t respect the law,” Moore said of the nonexistent law, “what kind of country are we going to have?”

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