Al Franken’s accuser has some very suspicious ties

Mrs. Tweeden was a frequent commentator on a very intriguing individual’s opinion show on the FOX NEWS Channel. LeeAnn Tweeden was a guest of Sean Hannity on multiple occasions. She was not on that show to play the role of the departed Alan Colmes (a weak minded democrat intended to make liberals look stupid via a pathetic attempt at rhetoric) – No Mrs. Tweeden was simply an attractive sounding board paid on those nights to mainly agree with whatever Sean Hannity said. She also has been a guest at one of Donald Trump’s golf courses at least once, and probably more than that. So what we can gather from that is that Mrs. Tweeden is not only republican, but the vicious style of republican with a dark enough soul to find her way into the “Belly of the Beast” itself, she was on the most biased show on the most biased network which has always peddled lies & half truths, false equivalencies and the occasional straw-man to boot. That connection to Hannity would only be half as suspect, were it not for the unfortunate timing of the release of her “bombshell allegation.”

The night before she decided to come out, after all these years, after the #MeToo movement has been in full force for over 3 months now, happened to be the day Sean Hannity himself was forced to finally concede that he has been backing up a child molester for roughly about 2 weeks now. Hannity finally had to say that the allegations against Roy Moore are likely true, which was bad for the republican party, because their senate majority is only 2 seats strong, and if the democrat wins in Alabama then their effective control goes down to a single seat. So lo & behold, the very next day LeeAnn decides to tell her story! Which is predicated on a picture that is obviously a rather crude attempt at politically incorrect humor, and followed by the story of how she didn’t consent to a kiss which was written on paper and given her stamp of approval before it took place. She only consented to the idea when it was on paper. Oh my!

Now Roy Moore is the candidate backed by one Stephen K. Bannon, the man who literally has said that Darth Vader is his hero. And coincidentally it turns out that Breitbart news has been pushing another allegation that Al Franken grabbed the breast of a wide awake and smiling Joy Behar. Now isn’t it funny how the publication run by Bannon is running with the Franken story the day after Sean Hannity’s former guest has made some rather spurious allegations at an unfortunately opportune time? Which leads us to Franken’s EPIC response, which is so far in all of the entire #MeToo saga the verifiably best way ANYONE has attempted to do damage control.

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