Al Franken’s Female Co-Workers Come Forward With Surprising Information

What I do know is that Al Franken, along with his Democratic colleagues, have more consistently supported laws that empower women and make their particular political concerns central. It is almost exclusively a Democratic belief that single mothers should be able to receive financial support in order to see their children fed, housed, and receiving medical care, regardless of their ability to earn. It is Democrats who have stood behind one of the largest resources for impoverished women in access to reproductive health, Planned Parenthood. It is Democrats who are fighting for equal access to healthcare of all kinds, and for equal pay for women in the workplace, and for LGBTQ citizens of all genders to have the same rights as everyone else.

Those views are supported by his former female co-workers.

‘Many of us spent years working for Senator Franken in Minnesota and Washington. In our time working for the senator, he treated us with the utmost respect.

‘He valued our work and our opinions and was a champion for women in both the legislation he supported and in promoting women to leadership roles in our offices.’
Stripping away the sexual assault allegations from Donald Trump’s and Roy Moore’s pasts makes neither of them any better political candidates on women’s rights. Trump’s promises to stand for the LGBTQ community were broken even before he started, but his ban on transgender service members in the military is a policy that will hurt trans women and their families. He called during his presidential campaign for women who have abortions to be punished legally and has consistently chosen cabinet appointees and a U.S. Supreme Court justice who is anti-choice.

via Bipartisan Report Al Franken’s Female Co-Workers Come Forward With Surprising Information (DETAILS)