Drama! Lights! Camera! Action!

Rather than live your Life as if to rush to the Stage of Drama as if stardom matters more than Life Itself – see yourself more as a Server of Life. See yourself more as I do serve Life. Serve Life from the view of Infinity. You are not in a mad dash. Time does not even exist. Truly, I do not set off explosions. Loud noises may seem to be heard and not rushed to.

In Peace am I. Be you the same while you are at it. Becalm yourself. Do not set yourself off. Tone down yourself. Be at ease. Walk as though you are a strolling-along-humming-cowboy without a care in the world. Hold your sense of self-importance in abeyance. Swim through clear waters. Tread gently through perceived rough waters. Excited states do not exist. Therefore, never do you jump-start yourself excitedly through Life. Be not hasty. In world terms, you cool it. Relish Life. Savor it. Live Life. You are alive enough without drama. Stay away from indulgence in drama. You don’t need drama. You are clearly better off without it.

It is drama that cannot exist without you.

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