‘Fash The Nation’ Hosts Defend Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore

Halberstram dismissed these accusations as “awfully convenient” and added that these incidents took place “way far in the past.” McFeels said that “a lot of these people are not very credible,” especially Leah Corfman, whom he speculated is “potentially a member of the tribe” — i.e., Jewish.

And he parroted a line of attack from Breitbart.com that one of the accusers, Deborah Gibson, is a Democrat — a flimsy attack given that at least two of the five accusers are Republicans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. In other words, this is not a political attack.

“And there are some reports out there like ‘big if true’ reports that journalists are offering people money to come forward,” he continued, “And this is the old drag-the-hundred-dollar-bill-through-the-trailer-park routine, right?”

Actually no, the claim that the Post is paying people to level accusations against Moore is not true. In fact, it’s a hoax that started with an anonymous Twitter account known for pushing unsubstantiated conspiracies. Yesterday that Twitter account, @umpire43, deleted all of its tweets.

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