No Safe Dose of Radioactive Ruthenium 106; Increased Dose is Increased Risk; Even the US NRC Knows That It Is Toxic

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Ruthenium 106 is both a chemical and radiological hazard. With a half-life of over one year, Ruthenium 106 will stay radioactive in the environment for well over a decade. With an average half-life in the body of over 100 days, it will stay radioactive in the body for years, continuing to shoot out ionizing radiation, some of which will cause damage which may lead to cancer or other health problems. Here a combination of exposure level, random chance, and immune system apparently come into play in determining the outcome. Clustered DNA damage is uniquely caused by ionizing radiation and nearly impossible to correctly repair, and one must then hope that the body will simply destroy/clean-up any serious damage.

There is no safe dose of ionizing radiation. Increased dose is increased risk. So, when some “experts” say that the (radioactive) Ruthenium 106, which was noticed in low levels in Europe, and…

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