November 22 Energy News



¶ “The Queensland election’s renewables versus coal debate isn’t about jobs. It’s a culture war” • The choice between wind turbines and steam turbines might seem to be purely one of technology. But since environmentalists support renewable energy, the demands of the culture war require that conservatives must oppose it. [The Guardian]

Installing a solar system (Photo: Solar Savers)

Science and Technology:

¶ The chances of a hurricane flooding parts of Texas, like Harvey did, have soared sixfold in just 25 years because of global warming and will likely triple once again before the end of the century, a study says. What was once an extremely rare event, 20 inches of rain over a large area of Texas, could soon be almost common. [The Japan News]


¶ A report from CDP has found that 87% of companies identify deforestation as a financial risk and…

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