November 24 Energy News


Science and Technology:

¶ The world has been given a stark warning by some of its leading scientists: there is much worse climate change on the way. The warning came in a report introduced at COP 23, which had been prepared by the League with Future Earth. The report summarizes recent Earth-system science and economic research. [environmentalresearchweb]

Refugee shelters in Somalia (Image: DFID/UK Dept for
International Development via Wikimedia Commons)

¶ A study by scientists at the University of Bath shows that the fatty acids released into the air while frying food may help clouds that cool the atmosphere to form. Fatty molecules in the air form complex structures that endure longer than most molecules, allowing moisture to gather and form into clouds, which in turn cool the air. [Daily Sabah]


¶ According to ClimateWise, a global network of 28 insurance industry organizations, not only…

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