7 Secrets of Root Cause Analysis

In over 25 years of human factors and root cause analysis study, I’ve learned a few things that everyone should know. I don’t keep these root cause “best practices” a secret, but you would think that I did. Why? Because I find so many “experts” and lay people alike who don’t understand what I see as obvious. So I thought, “Why not share the seven most important ‘secrets’ here?” Then I could explain how the secrets are incorporated into TapRooT®.
Here’s the list of the 7 Secrets:
1. Your root cause analysis is only as good as the info you collect.
2. Your knowledge (or lack of it) can get in the way of a good root cause analysis.
3. You have to understand what happened before you can understand why it happened.
4. Interviews are NOT about asking questions.
5. You can’t solve all human performance problems with discipline, training, and procedures.
6. Often, people can’t see effective corrective actions even if they can find the root causes.
7. All investigations do NOT need to be created equal (but some investigation steps can’t be skipped).

via TapRooT®. 7 Secrets of Root Cause Analysis