Love High Like a Bright Light

You build sand-castles. You take bets on yourself. You pull daisy petals. You bet against the house, for you are the House of Love, and you snatch your Love away for a case you alone build.

Love gone? How full of smoke-dreams you are. You breathe in a cheap opiate you name Absence of Love. Is something gone when it changes form? Is cream absent when it is whipped or made into butter or scalded or anything at all?

Love can seem to vaporize, yet Love is. Love is.

There is an old saying – Love is a twinkle in your father’s eyes. My Love is much more than a twinkle in My eyes. Love is the Truth and Essence of you. You are not to tear up your Love in pieces because of one thing or another.

Hold your own Love High like a Bright Light and let your Love, shine like Mine.

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