The Dark History Of Fear

In Saner Thought

For as far back as the beginning of this republic fear has been used to turn the public to a certain way of thinking…..First it was the Tories and the English….then we went on toward those runaway slaves and what they could do than Native Americans….so on and so on throughout our history….more recently it has been those damn sneaking commies and these days the boogeymen are Muslims and/or immigrants as the next danger to our republic….so the selling of fear is nothing new…..the selling of fear is the same just the targets of that fear change….as needed……

Let’s look at the dark history of fear…….

Back in 1835, Samuel F.B. Morse (who went on to invent the telegraph and the Morse Code), wrote a book about a plot to overthrow the American republic. The conspiracy, Morse wrote, was well-funded, highly secretive, and hatched in Vienna by members of the…

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