What Alabama Says About America, and Christianity

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Frank Schaeffer is a former evangelist.

Frank Schaeffer’s Blog

Alabama makes us uncomfortable, because it’s an accurate mirror of what lurks nationwide.

Let’s thank Trump, Roy Moore and the GOP: They have proven forever that white American evangelicals are not a religious group at all but a cult dedicated to demagoguery, scapegoating, and the demonizing of fellow citizens, zealotry, suspicion and tribalism. And with delusions about religion in America exploded also goes delusions about our nation’s exceptional “calling.”

Steve Bannon, alcoholic racist Nazi domestic abuser supports Roy Moore, racist bigot xenophobic alleged pedophile. And Trump supports them both- enabled by white American Evangelicals: the “base” of America’s embrace of expedient evil.

American Exceptionalism? Not so much.

Thank Trump for proving that far from being exceptionally good, let alone “God-chosen” we are exceptionally stupid.

In 2016 Trump won and cut out America’s entertained-to-death “brain.” With the 2017 Trump/GOP tax bill smashing…

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