Only The ‘Good Jews’ Get To Go

Well, here’s a shocker. Our thin-skinned president-of-only-his-own-fans held the annual White House Hanukkah party a few days ago. Every president before him has made this a nonpartisan event, but not this time. This time, only the “good Jews” got to go. No Democrats were invited, Jewish or otherwise. No heads of major Jewish congregations who’d dared criticize him or his administration. Two Jewish Republicans were invited and should be ashamed of themselves for having attended.

I guess it shouldn’t bother me so much. After all, none of the black members of the House or Senate were invited. No gay people were invited. The Hanukkah celebration of eternal flame, representing goodness, charity, faith, and victory over the oppressor, was turned into something entirely different. Something divisive. Something petty. Something so childish, it beggars belief.

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