The God Train

If you only knew, you have always been on this train with Me. Not only have I given you your ticket, I reserve your seat, and I make sure you get on the steps to the right train.

Be advised that there is no train that says: “Here you will go backwards where ignorance used to be.”

There is only one God Train, and it is called Express to Enlightenment. Call it Heaven. Call it what you will. It is where I AM and where I happily wait for you day after day. Dear Ones, don’t take so long. I am eager to greet you.

To reach Infinity – well, what you actually reach is your realization of where your Infinite Self already is.

One day you will say: “Oh, this is it. Imagine this! I was here all along, yet I didn’t see. I can hardly believe I am here! What wonders You do strew on Earth, God.”

Now, of course, I don’t say: “I told you so.”

I say rather: “My Beloveds, now you have come to Me, and now We rejoice!”

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