The Work Police Are Not Chasing You

Give yourself greater appreciation. It’s obvious. Instead of a list of what you haven’t done, list what you did get done. Honest, you are not so fettered as you seem to think. Work can be work and yet be effortless. Don’t be short of breath. Don’t race.

All of your Life doesn’t need to be a panic attack. Slow down. Easy wins the race. Anyway, who needs to win a race? Certainly not a race against time. Yes, I know that in the world at large, everything takes time. Even doing nothing takes time. Keep up with the present.

Define yourself away from a sense of time. Then you won’t have to feel that you are running out of time. Get going. Perhaps you will find that you have more time. I kid you not.

Watch your posture. Watch your stance in Life. In the world, you may well sense that there is not enough time, yet, how it is in this timed world, you have just the right amount of time. Remind yourself that you are timeless.

Ye of little time, slow down your interior clock.

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