Sorry Chump (Russia). You Didn’t Have It In Writing

In 1990, KGB and CIA agreed to the principal of ‘not one inch’ eastward for NATO. Former US ambassador to Moscow, Jack Matlock, confirms the same agreement. Gorbachev, who is denounced as a foolish idealist by many Russians, trusted the Western powers. He should have had a battalion of New York City garment district shyster lawyers to document his agreements in 1990. He thought he was dealing with honest, honorable men, like himself.

Is it any wonder after this bait and switch diplomacy that Russia has no trust in the Western powers? Moscow watches US-run NATO oozing ever eastwards. Today, Russia’s leaders firmly believe Washington’s ultimate plan is to tear apart Russia and reduce it to an impotent, pauper nation. Two former Western leaders, Napoleon and Hitler, had similar plans.

Instead of carrying on about Hitler’s duplicity after Munich, we should look at our own shameless behavior after 1990.

via Sorry Chump. You Didn’t Have It In Writing – Astute News

It is any big surprise that Russia would try to do an end run around this American empire expansion and war mongering? Now we have Russia INSIDE the US government, controlling everything. What a sweet revenge, for broken US promises to not advance one inch into Eastern Europe if the then Soviet Russia withdrew after the fall of the wall…

So much for empty US promises..