Fox News and Donald Trump are in a feedback loop that threatens to blow up the republic

On Sunday night, “Judge” Jeanine Pirro flipped the American justice system upside down. She declared FBI Agent Peter Strzok “a button man in the crime family of James Comey.” According to Piro, Strzok was everywhere—from hiding all incriminating information about Hillary Clinton’s email, to commissioning the Trump dossier, “the one bought and paid for by the Clinton team.” Then Pirro went on to declare FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe the “consigliere” of this FBI-Justice Department mafia. Following these accusations, Pirro demanded again that the whole team—presumably meaning both the FBI and the special counsel—be “led out in cuffs.”

The team that Pirro is attacking includes the agents and lawyers who successfully infiltrated, took apart, tried, and destroyed the largest Mafia families in the nation. It was Comey who took on the Gambino crime family and secured 14 murder indictments. Mueller who went after John Gotti. Andrew McCabe actually headed up the FBI’s efforts against organized crime and started his career as a special agent working against the mob. Lisa Page, who Pirro sneeringly reduced to the role of “mistress” and “gumade,” previously worked as a trial attorney in the Organized Crime Section of the Justice Department, and has deep experience taking down crime bosses from Eastern Europe—including some connected to Paul Manafort.

On the other hand, Jeanine Pirro’s legal experience comes from being a county court judge over two decades ago. She’s also a failed candidate for lieutenant governor, a failed candidate for Senate, and a failed candidate for New York State attorney general. Her elevation to the limelight came during the O. J. Simpson trial, when she became a go-to TV face from the simple coincidence that she had been involved with a case where a rich husband killed his estranged wife. And … that’s it. Her experience with the Mafia runs exactly as deep as her Netflix queue.

The astounding attack on the justice system might be easy to write off as just one more right-wing rant in an age where right-wing rants have become more common than grains of sand on a beach. But where Pirro was conducting her attack on Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Strzok, Page and others makes this far more critical than the latest lizardman threat on InfoWars.

Because Pirro is talking on Fox News. Which is increasingly working not just as the official propaganda arm of the Trump White House, but serving to both amplify Trump’s policies and corrode democracy. And it’s getting worse.

Fox News has become a 24-hour propaganda arm of the Trump White House. The only thing controversial about that statement is the phrase “has become,” as it implies this was not always true.

via Daily Kos Fox News and Donald Trump are in a feedback loop that threatens to blow up the republic