Russian Floating Nuclear Power Station To Be Fueled-Tested In Arctic-Murmansk Near Norway-Finland; Final Destination On Alaska Side Of Russian Arctic

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The concept has its roots in a US Army project from half a century ago. It is not new. The original one, pictured below, the MH-1 Nuclear Power Plant, sustained severe storm-related damage on its way back from the Panama Canal Zone to the mainland USA.
Photo of MH-1A Nuclear Power Plant, US Army
Photo of MH-1A Nuclear Power Plant, US Army, Operated from 1967-75.

Photo from Greenpeace Russia of Russia’s floating nuclear power station

Locations exported from:

The Russian floating nuclear power station is to be fueled and tested in the Arctic, Murmansk, which is near Norway and Finland before being towed across the Arctic for approximately 6000 km (thousands of miles) to Pekov, on the Alaska side of the Russian Arctic. (See the articles, below).

Pekov, Russia, photo released to public domain via Wikipedia

Floating nuclear plant’s reactors to fire up in Murmansk
Rosatom, Russia’s state nuclear corporation, has dispelled the cloud of…

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