At the Edge of Extinction only Insanity and Delusion Remains

George Monbiot who writes at The Guardian recently wrote; ” Everyone wants everything – how is that going to work? The promise of economic growth is that the poor can live like the rich and the rich can live like the oligarchs. But already we are bursting through the physical limits of the planet that sustains us. Climate breakdown, soil loss, the collapse of habitats and species, the sea of plastic, insectageddon: all are driven by rising consumption. The promise of private luxury for everyone cannot be met: neither the physical nor the ecological space exists.”

Infinite growth on a finite planet is insane nonsense and virtually no one challenges it. To quote Edward Abbey the desert anarchist “Infinite growth is the ideology of the cancer cell”. More on Monbiot’s take on this aspect of the insanity here; Everything must go.

The evidence is clear that we are in the early stages of non-linear runaway warming covered previously on this blog, but every where I look it is “Business as Usual” or half arsed solutions that are nothing of the sort.
We can all see that a B-grade reality show TV ‘Star’ now has his small “Pussy Grabbing” hands on the White House Ipad with the nuclear codes. That in itself is patently insane but the insanity goes much, much deeper.

via At the Edge of Extinction only Insanity and Delusion Remains. | Kevin Hester