December 26 Energy News



¶ “Wind Power Means Jobs in Texas, and Partisan Politics Isn’t Going to Stop It” • As discussions around climate change in America have become partisan, so have those around kilowatts, but not in Texas. There is money to be made with windpower, and Texans are not going to miss out on the chance to make it.[InsideClimate News]

Kaitlin Sullivan on a turbine (Photo: Meera Subramanian)

¶ “Annus mirabilis: all the things that went right in 2017” • This was a year of Trump, Twitter, terrorism, Yemen, Libya, and environmental degradation. But the big, bold headlines tell only part of the story. Away from the news hysteria, it is possible to discern progress, joy, breakthroughs and that rarest commodity of all: optimism. [The Guardian]


¶ India auctioned 750 MW of utility-scale solar power capacity at the Bhadla solar power park over the last few…

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