A Lobbyist Detective’s Strange Quest to Find Seth Rich’s Murderer

But we’re not here to watch a dog eat whipped cream. After a “cloak and dagger” meeting at a restaurant in the Four Seasons, Burkman says he has concluded that Rich was killed by Russian operatives for discovering that they were behind the DNC hack. He thinks his source is the “real deal,” in part because he knows about the SAVAK, the deposed Shah of Iran’s secret police force. Burkman says hardly anyone has heard of them so he’s probably legit.

The Russia hack of the DNC was widely reported a month before Rich was killed, but Burkman says the story wasn’t out there in a significant way. “In my mind, anyway, the timeline works perfectly.”

By now, Burkman’s theory about the Russians killing Rich has already made news as aDaily Mail “exclusive.” This turns out to be too much for the Rich family. An unnamed family member tells DCist that learning about the Russia theory was like “having a semi come up and t-bone you in the intersection.” The Riches’ spokesman, Brad Bauman, tells the website that “the family certainly thanks Jack for the spotlight that he has brought to this case” but that “the truth is that the family needs to have the independence to ensure that this is being investigated in a responsible way and without any particular political or conspiratorial agenda.” Aaron establishes an independent GoFundMe campaign to help solve the case.

via A Lobbyist Detective’s Strange Quest to Find Seth Rich’s Murderer – Mother Jones