Russian State Nuclear Corp. (Rosatom) Given Control Over Infrastructure-Shipping Along Arctic Northern Sea Route

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Nuclear icebreaker “Yamal” by Wofratz (CC-BY-SA)

Russia encompasses over half of the Arctic coastline, 40% of the land beyond the Arctic Circle, and 42% of the population…. 20% of Russia’s gross domestic product (GDP) and exports – mostly oil and gas – already comes from the Arctic…. Between 5% and 9% of Russia’s liquid hydrocarbon resources and almost 12.5% of its gas resources are contained in the Russian Arctic shelf. Forty-three of the sixty-one large oil and natural-gas fields in the Arctic are located in Russia. Russia has also stated that it will use the Northern Sea Route – the Arctic shipping lane that connects the Arctic and Pacific Oceans, also known as the Northeast Passage – as a “national” transport route…. Russia maintains major military forces in the Arctic and those have recently been more active than in the past. It has already equipped six new…

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