Jesus’ Lost Years May Finally Have Been Found

Never heard Jesus called Saint Issa? It’s how they refer to him in the Muslim and Hindu worlds, and even the Buddhists are said to conceal a very ancient manuscript in a monastery high in the Himalayas called “The Life of Saint Issa, the Best of the Sons of Men.” The story of the existence of that manuscript, that fills in the missing years of Christ and describes his travels as a young man in India — and even has Jesus exhorting the Hindus to stop worshiping idols and give up the caste system — has been resoundingly debunked in much of the Christian world for nearly a century. It’s long overdue that the debunking stop. Our journey to India, following the trail of those who saw and translated the manuscript several times, gives a very convincing case that the manuscript does exist, and that it dovetails neatly with a long list of other kinds of evidence that put Jesus in India during that period of his life. If true, that journey of Jesus to the East was conveniently omitted from the New Testament.

You don’t think Jesus could have reached India during his years as a young man? If he had remained in Judea, wouldn’t he have been married off at age thirteen, the age all Jewish boys attain manhood? The silk road to India and beyond was much-traveled. There were caravans of merchants. And if there were three Wise Men (the Magi) from the East who were present at Jesus’ birth, doesn’t it imply (as Indian sage Paramahansa Yogananda claimed) that a tug from the Orient was present in Jesus’ life from the beginning? Then why would the Lord not return the visit? Especially since the oldest temples in the world, belonging to the oldest religions, were in India.

And why did Jesus send Saint Thomas to India to preach the Gospel there after the crucifixion, if Jesus never knew the importance of India? Doubting Thomas preached in India for twenty years and died there. It’s a well-supported fact. Take a look at Jesus in India and you’ll begin to see what may have happened in those missing years of Jesus’ life, and what may have been omitted (deliberately… or just lost?) from the story you’ve been told again and again since childhood.

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