Cuba records its lowest infant mortality rate ever

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Lisandra Fariñas Acosta (Cubadebate) explains that Cuba has recorded the lowest infant mortality rate in its history, with four to each thousand live births:

If we say that, for the tenth consecutive year, Cuba has maintained its infant mortality rate below five per thousand live births, it is enough reason to celebrate. But knowing that the reasons to celebrate go further, to verify that, at the end of 2017, the country reached the lowest infant mortality rate in its history, with 4 per thousand live births, is extraordinary.

This is corroborated by preliminary data offered to Granma by the Directorate of Medical Records and Health Statistics, which informs that in 2017, there were 114,980 births, 1,892 fewer than in 2016, and there were 465 deaths in children under one year old—32 less than in 2016—which is the lowest number of deaths so far recorded.

And if anyone has…

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