Protecting the Innocent: Dental Amalgam Mercury and Risks to Fetuses, Infants and Children • World Mercury Project

Dorice Madronero offered a grave warning to a 2010 Dental Products Panel of United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA): “As a young expectant mother I know that twice following dental work I miscarried.  I know that at the time the dentist gave no warning about a mercury exposure.  I know that at no point in my visits to the obstetrician was I warned about a mercury exposure, in the dental fillings or asked about my medical and dental history.

Research on fetal and infant risks from dental amalgam has provided significant data associating the number of maternal amalgam fillings with mercury levels in cord blood; in the placenta; in the kidneys and liver of fetuses; in fetal hair; and in the brain and kidneys of infants. Another trend in research about maternal amalgam fillings are studies that have found the mercury concentration in breast milk increases as the number of amalgam fillings in the mother increases.

Although two studies (commonly referred to as the “New England Children’s Amalgam Trial” and the “Casa Pia Children’s Amalgam Trial”) have repeatedly been used to defend the use of amalgam in children, other researchers have since demonstrated that factors such as long term effects, genetic predisposition, and measurement errors must be taken into account. Furthermore, researchers studying the same cohort of children have since identified potential risks to these subjects from mercury exposure based on gender, genetic predisposition, and even gum-chewing.

While other countries around the world are enacting measures to protect children and women of child-bearing age from the hazards of dental mercury, the US is still allowing this dangerous scenario to continue. Millions of Americans, including children and fetuses, are needlessly exposed to the neurotoxin mercury because of dental amalgam fillings.

via Protecting the Innocent: Dental Amalgam Mercury and Risks to Fetuses, Infants and Children • World Mercury Project


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