January 7 Energy News



¶ “The future of our technology and our planet depends on one thing: the battery” • With the coming era of the electric car and more advanced robotics, a need to swap to renewable energy, and an ever-increasing (and more mobile gadget-hungry) global population, humanity’s capability of storing energy is going to become critical. [TechRadar]

Tesla’s Gigafactory is in Nevada (Credit: Tesla)

¶ “Justice for Puerto Rico” • A good new year’s resolution for the US government would be to do justice to Puerto Rico and its three million American citizens as they suffer with the aftermath of two powerful hurricanes. In addition to facing rebuilding homes, businesses, and infrastructure, they are burdened with $74 billion debt. [Commonweal]

¶ “It will require concerted effort to achieve a sustainable future” • Concerted global efforts are needed to protect our planet from the impacts of global warming…

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