Why Is A Tiny Town Of 6,500 The Nexus For Neo-Nazis, The White House, And An End Run Around The CIA?

Whitefish, Montana, population 6,500, is something out of a Stephen King novel. It’s unprepossessing on the outside, and strangers in town stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. But if you scratch the surface and hang around, you’ll find some unusual characters. The main cast of Whitefish includes Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Blackwater mercenary Erik Prince, neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, plus a couple of tiny reclusive companies called Whitefish Energy, totally unheard of prior to a few months ago, and Amyntor: a security company perhaps soon to be famous.  How do those seemingly disparate characters connect up in a small western town? You’d be surprised.

Incongruously, the least of the connections to the White House is the Whitefish Energy deal which, as you recall, started out with Whitefish Energy being retained at a cost of $300Million to get the power grid back up in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico. The firm had two employees and had been in business for less than two years, but it was awarded the Puerto Rico contract over far more qualified candidates, until the Puerto Rican government, sensing unethical dealings, insisted that the contract be voided out.Despite it’s short time on the job, Whitefish claims that it was owed $80Million in fees for work done through November; not bad for a few weeks work. The matter is still under investigation. Ryan Zinke steadfastly maintains that he did not broker the deal between Puerto Rico and Whitefish Energy, although he doesn’t deny knowing Whitefish CEO Andy Temanski because Whitefish, “Is a small town and everybody knows everybody else.”

That being the case, everybody must know the neo-Nazis because they abound in Whitefish, which is a hotbed of white supremacy, if not the white supremacy capital of the west. None other than neo-Nazi poster child Richard Spencer calls it home.

via Daily Kos Why Is A Tiny Town Of 6,500 The Nexus For Neo-Nazis, The White House, And An End Run Around The CIA?