Heavenletters: When Love Takes Over

Karma Yoga Daily

heavenlettersvia Gloria Wendroff, Thanks to Galactic Free Press

God said:

How big can a heart of love grow? There is no limit. There is no limit on love. Let your heart be a ripe peach, bursting with juice. Or a pomello. Or a luscious watermelon! Let your heart be a giant fruit of love. Feel your heart filling up with love right now. As your heart fills with love, you are rising. Like a balloon, you rise to Heaven. The love in your heart brings you here.

I pump love into your heart. The more love, the lighter your heart, and the higher you rise. Love is self-propelling and self-perpetuating. Love is the sap of the universe. It runs through everything. It runs through you. It nourishes your blood. It oxygenates you.

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