Iranian Intelligence has Declassified Data on 14 American Military Bases in Syria

At the very end of last year on the 31st of December, the Pentagon once again acted out an intrigue around its military bases in Syria. US defence minister James Mattis warned, that any attack on US bases would be repelled and the attackers would be punished.

The media agencies ‘Russia Today’ and ‘Sputnik’ proved the existence of 10 American military bases in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. However, Iranian intelligence agencies have provided more detailed data, which suggests that there are 14 American bases in Syria, of which 12 are located in the north of the country and 2 in the south. What is more, Turkish media outlets have reported about the existence of 13 US arms depots in Kurd territories, which are located in close proximity to American bases.

via The US’ Kurd Project: Iranian Intelligence has Declassified Data on 14 American Bases in Syria – Astute News

Since when did Syria give permission for this? Isn’t this an illegal occupation  and invasion of a foreign country?

How would the US feel if Communist China or Russia came in and set up military bases inside of the US, WITHOUT PERMISSION?