DDT’s First Year: The Government Shutdown

Nel's New Day

The greatest achievement for Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) may be that he hasn’t yet dragged the United States into a worldwide nuclear war. Otherwise his major accomplishments are to put a put a justice in the Supreme Court after the GOP held it open for a year and then changed the voting rules, pass a tax bill that increased the deficit by $1.5 trillion and gave almost all the money to the rich and big corporations, lost U.S. global leadership by alienating a majority of countries in the world, received the lowest approval rating (32 percent according to a recent poll and never over 45 percent) of any modern president, made tens of millions for his personal businesses, and shut down the government. Following are many more DDT’s actions that affected the people in the U.S.:

A Border Wall: Mexico still isn’t paying for DDT’s wall, and he’s made little…

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