Mounting Nuclear Waste with nowhere to go.

Letter from Pete Wilkinson WN 20.1.18The Whitehaven News have published an excellent letter by the founder of Greenpeace UK. Pete Wilkinson  has written this letter in his role as Chairman of Together Against Sizewell.

Government seems to be determined to pursue a nuclear power policy which will leave future generations with a nuclear waste radiation legacy at least ten times greater than that we have inherited from the current Magnox, AGR and PWR programmes, the waste from which we still have no agreed long term management solution.  In justifying the new build programme, government is required to brush aside the nuclear waste conundrum with the assurance that ‘arrangements for its management are in place’, a statement which is irresponsible and untrue.
What should we think of a government which has such disregard for its people as to press ahead with a programme of work when the poisonous, radioactive and lethal waste that programme will…

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