Peas in a Poison Pod. Fox News Continues to Push White Supremacy, Climate Denial

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Great piece here discussing the enthusiastic following current reigning Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson has among white supremacists, and Neo-Nazis.

Carlson is also famous for spreading climate denial talking points even as planetary warming goes into overdrive.
Completely consistent with my continued hammering on the relationship between racism and climate denial. They always seem to show up with each other.

As the 2010 spot from ABC News shows, below, the association between climate denial and Neo-Nazis goes back at least a decade. Science has never been convenient for Authoritarians, who prefer to follow a “Great Leader” rather than the facts.  Science is the antithesis of Authoritarianism, and hence the hostility that Fox News and its followers have toward scientists.

A clear example occurred in just the last week.
In Mark Steyn, Carlson had a guest who’s a twofer – a non-scientist well known for climate denial, and willing to spout…

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