Syria: The Invasion Begins

In Saner Thought

ISIS is all but completely wiped out…..the US has said it will remain in Syria until Assad is gone…..the Kurds are still a thorn in Turkey’s ass and this is where this post picks up….since the US media has been silent on this situation…..I feel  I must step up and be the voice that the public needs.

Following up on a flurry of Friday artillery strikes against Kurdish forces in the Afrin District on northern Syria, Turkish warplanes carried out a large number of airstrikes against the small district, with at least 108 strikes reported, leaving the towns’ streets empty, and locals panicking.

Syria’s government complained Turkey hadn’t informed them of the attacks, adding that they “strongly condemn” Turkish aggression. Syria had threatened to target Turkish warplanes raiding their airspace, however, and there’s so far no sign of this happening.

Instead the US-backed Kurds are getting hammered…

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