“Ain’t Gonna Happen.”: Trump’s Pathetic, Backwards and Doomed War on the Planet

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Worried about Republican lust to despoil, poison and pollute offshore areas?
Listen to veteran journalist Keith Schneider’s 4 minute analysis above, and you won’t need a chill pill.

As in so, so many examples we have from the Trump administration, just because they say it, does not make it so.


President Donald Trump and Republicans have tried again and again during the past year to turn back the clock on energy — pushing policies that would help fossil fuels stave off advances by solar and wind.

But they have repeatedly come up short.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s proposal to force electricity customers to subsidize ailing coal plants ran aground early this year. The Senate rebuffed efforts to water down tax credits for solar and wind power. And Trump’s move this week to impose a tariff on imported solar panels should put only a crimp in the growth of sun-powered…

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