January 26 Energy News



¶ “Renewable Energy Doesn’t Get More In Subsidies Than Fossil & Nuclear Energy Have Gotten, & Continue To Get” • Fossil fuels have received government subsidies for 100 or so years. They reportedly get about $5 trillion each year, globally. Renewable energy also receives subsidies, but nothing compared to what fossil fuels get. [CleanTechnica]

Wind farm Avangrid

¶ “We want 41 million conversations about climate change” • At Budweiser, we pride ourselves in a close relationship with our consumers. Our research shows that they want to act on climate change but feel powerless to do anything. We sell 41 million bottles of Budweiser every day, and each one is an opportunity for discussion. [The Climate Group]

¶ “An Overlooked Solution for Competitive and Local Renewable Power” • A 40-year-old federal law has a new life in promoting a competitive US clean energy market because of…

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